Roof Replacement Kansas City

Protecting Your Family & Investment

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We understand that your home is one of your most significant investments, and you want to take excellent care of it. If you notice hail or storm damage (link to ) or suspect unseen damage – it is time to call Firehouse Roofing KC.

Firehouse Roofing KC is a family-owned and roofing contractor for complete roof replacement. We are a trusted local roofing contractor providing excellent workmanship and outstanding customer service. We give you a durable, high-quality roof system that will perfectly complement your home for years to come and keep you safe and dry.

Firehouse Roofing KC is fully insured and licensed in both Missouri and Kansas and a have both a registered have a roofing contractor license from state of Kansas and a Roofing Contractor license from Johnson County.

We are dedicated in making the roof replacement process as painless as possible and provide thorough inspections to assess the condition of your home or the extent of storm damage. Call Firehouse Roofing KC at 816 492 5885 or schedule an inspection by clicking the Consultation box below.

Kansas City Roofing Contractor - Firehouse Roofing KC