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Q. What is my cost?

A. When going through insurance, the only cost to you is your deductible.


Q. Will my rates go up if I open a claim?

A. In most cases, your individual rate will not go up.  Due to widespread damages and the volume of claims, your area may be re-assessed whether you make a claim or not.


Q. Does hail void my warranty?

A. Yes. Whether you have a new roof or older roof, your warranty will most likely be void due to hail.


Q. My roof looks fine, should I have it looked at?

A. If homes in your area have been affected, you should contact Firehouse Roofing for a FREE inspection!

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If your house is affected by the recent hail storm, Firehgouse Roofing is offering a FREE, no obligation damage assessment.  If you have sustained damage, we will work closely with your insurance company to get the funding necessary to complete repairs.  You may be entitled to a new roof and siding at no cost to you.

Have Firehouse Roofing give you a FREE damage assessment! 

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